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Bellapais Hotel Ambelia Village: Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Ambelia Village from significant destinations?

The village of Bellapais is 5 minutes walking distance from Ambelia.
Four miles west of Ambelia lies Kyrenia (Girne), the harbour town also known as the pearl of Cyprus, with many attractions within. Several beaches stretch within 5 miles of Ambelia.
The capital city, Nicosia (Lefkosa), is 20 miles from Ambelia.

Which airport is nearest to you?

Ercan Airport is about 25 miles from Ambelia.

Do I need a visa?

No. There is no need for a visa to visit North Cyprus, but you will require a valid passport or ID card. If you don't want to have your passport stamped, you can request a temporary page from passport control.

When do we pay?

For accommodation reservations we require a 25% - non-refundable - prepayment by credit card to confirm your booking and you can pay the balance when you arrive.

How do we pay?

Credit cards
For credit card payments exchange rate charges apply.

What is the currency?

The currency is Turkish Lira (TL). However, Euros, GBP and US$ are widely accepted. You can get cash from ATMs and local exchange rates are often higher than elsewhere.

Does your kitchen provide for different types of diets?

Yes. Our chef will be happy to cater for your needs.

Do I need medical insurance?

Most travellers think this is a wise precaution. There are good medical facilities in North Cyprus. Most common medicines are available through local pharmacies.

What is the electricity voltage and how many pin plugs?

Electricity is 240 Volts, 3 pin plugs, same as in the UK.

Would I be better off if I rent a car?

Without doubt, yes. Renting a car saves you time and gives you freedom of choice to travel when and wherever you want. We can book a car for you in advance, which we would recommend to avoid disappointment. We drive on the left in Cyprus.

How is the climate?

You will enjoy a Mediterranean climate in Cyprus. Occasional grey skies and the odd frost in the winter and lots of sun in the summer. At the height of the summer, Ambelia at 1000ft, is often a little cooler than the coast below.

Do you suggest any guide books?

Most good bookshops have a number of travel guides for Northern Cyprus. Our local bookshops usually have copies of the following:
Albrecht, Peter-Juergen. North Cyprus; A Travel Book, London, 1994
Darke, Diana. Guide to North Cyprus, Bucks, 1993
Schmidt and Worley Jnr.. North Cyprus; A Complete Guide, London, 1991

Do we bring our own towels and linen?

No, we provide bath/face towels and the linen. Just bring your beach towels with you.

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